Infinity Shipping Services


This is service rendered to Larger Buyer from overseas who buy varied quantities from several vendors located at various places within Pakistan. Briefly the services we render are given below :

  • Basis the Purchase Order N.B.R, product nbrs / quantity, delivery schedule given to us by Buyers - liaison with suppliers by continuous monitoring the expected readiness of the shipment.
  • Report weekly to Buyer's the cargo status P.O wise.
  • If any inspection agencies nominated liase with such Agency on inspection status, cargo readiness etc & include in the weekly report to Buyers.
  • Upon " Sellers " confirmation of  expected readiness dated, ascertain the scope of consolidation of multi-suppliers' cargoes into one container for freight advantage to Buyers, ship out as L.C.L or airfreight as required by buyers. Arrange advance provisional space bookings with carriers for coming weeks.
  • Obtain advance copies of all custom / buyer related documents, forward to Buyer's for approval of Sea / Air shipments as exigencies may require.
  • Complete Customs pre-shipment documentation if well received in advance, directly transport cargo to C.F.S (Container Freight Station) for stuffing (Vanning) under our supervision & complete required customs formalities & other related activities.
  • Confirm to Buyers / Suppliers containerization monitor container movements and coordinate with carrier of shipment per planned vessel.